Philip Barton: Founder, Ideas About Innovation

I have always loved being exposed to new ideas across multiple disciplines. And my admiration for entrepreneurs, pioneers and idea champions has been lifelong as has my own desire to learn new thins every day. My main work motivator has been intrinsic motivation – the challenge, the freedom and purpose of an undertaking are the drivers for me. Challenge Equals Opportunity !

Two areas I’ve excelled at are: in analysis which leads to making the best decisions using primary source information despite having some information gaps, and in finding paths to business development that are people-centric, resource stingy and creative.

I’ve loved working with mentors and engaging with multidisciplinary team on common, high value consensual goals- that’s how one learns ! I’m seeking a new opportunity to be constructive and contributing member of a cutting edge technology-driven, customer-centric team of entrepreneurs.


Philip Barton MBA, CFA



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